Quilt Shop Closing

May 27, 2020

Quilt Shop Closing

After almost 10 years in business, I have decided it's time to close my quilt shop. Too much has happened over the last 6 months and my heart is no longer in this.

All merchandise will be marked down 50% beginning Tuesday, June 2nd, both on-line and in the store. THERE WILL BE NO FREE SHIPPING as of 5pm on June 1st. Please see store policies regarding shipping charges. Anyone who does not like the amount charged for shipping is welcome to shop elsewhere. 

No further mark-downs will be done because I would rather keep it then give it away. 

If you are a member of our Bee Bucks rewards program, I have modified the program just a bit. You can no longer earn points in the program, but you can redeem the points you have earned.  For every 25 points redeemed, you can receive $3 off your order.  This is my way of saying thank you for the support you have given.  

If you have received any gift certificates when shopping in the store due to our frequent shoppers program, these can still be redeemed (no more than 2 per visit) until August 15th.  

Due to timing of when things sell in the store vs. on-line, there may be shortages on on-line orders. If we do not have something you order in stock, you will receive a refund for that item(s) and the order will be filled as much as we can. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!

The last day of the brick and mortar shop will be open is Saturday, August 15, 2020. The on-line store will continue to be up and running after this if there is still merchandise to be sold.

It has been a privilege to serve all the quilters in the shop and on-line but it's time to do something else.
Laurel Kindley
Owner, All About Quilting LLC

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