All About Quilting is moving - AGAIN!!

June 07, 2019

All About Quilting is moving - AGAIN!!

So I think we all agree that moving is not anyone's favorite thing to do.  Especially me being 52 and in the shape of a circle (or pear to be more accurate).  But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and this is one of those times.  
Back in April, I was in the front of my current shop when I heard loud noise.  When I went to the back of the shop to investigate, I found that some very large bricks had fallen from the ceiling.  This is a very old building and it does have it's issues that I'd dealt with since moving in.  But having bricks fall on my head is not something I signed on for.  My landlord did do some repairs but I felt it was in the best interest of me and my customers that I find a different building.  And I'm very fortunate that one became available.
Introducing the new home for All About Quilting Quilt Shop - 1110 Main Street in beautiful, historic Lexington, Missouri.  
1110 Main Street

Larger retail space!!

All About Quilting All About QuiltingAll About Quilting

With classroom on main level:

All About Quilting Classroom
My last day open at 912 Main Street will be Friday, June 14th, closing at 4pm. 
We will reopen at 1110 Main Street at 10am on Saturday, June 29th for our 5th Saturday Bag Sale. 
Buy a shop bag for only $5 and get 20% off anything you can shove in the bag (exclusions apply).
Our GRAND REOPENING is scheduled for Saturday, September 14th to coincide with my 9th year anniversary.  Stay tuned for more info on this fun filled event.
A big hug and thank you to all my quilting friends and the City of Lexington who have supported me through the years and especially the last couple of months.  Now on to bigger and better!!
- Laurel 

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